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Social skills and competences:

Hands-on experience from work in different institutions/countries and multicultural environments:

  • Organizational leadership: understanding governance and administrative systems, ability in conflict management and dispute solutions, systems thinking ability, understanding organizational culture;
  • Collaboration and Team Spirit: understanding community building, ability in establish collaborative relationships and projects;
  • Interpersonal: able to work well in teams, self-motivated, confident in handling new tasks, able to work under time pressure;

Organisational skills and competences:

  • Management: understanding administrative law, workflow management, budget/financial formulation and analysing ability (DCF incl.), human resources management experience (managing teams to 30 people), high skills in team building, information and technology and project management;
  • Innovation: able to manage change, understanding creative processes, capable of systems thinking;
  • Communications: effective in public presentations, able to present technical data, good in report writing;
  • Analysis and planning skills.

Computer skills and competences:

  • Skilled in word processing, spreadsheet usage, database operations, graphics packages
  • Skilled with internet/WWW, Management Information Systems, Groupware and many others.

Mother tongue(s): 


Other languages:

English: Proficient user, Russian: Independent user, French: Independent/Way stage user

Driving licence:


Artistic skills and competences:

Photography, painting, music (piano, guitar), the ancient game of Go